Head: '88 Spearhead
Torso and Arms: '94 Mindbender
Wasit: '89 Dee-Jay
Legs: '84 Scrap Iron

Shock: Modified garage sale find
Awe: Modified McDonalds Star Wars toy

Brainstorm works as the Joe teams Chief experimental weapons designer. Despite being a "nerd", he has undergone combat training and is qualified with M-4 and M-16 assault rifles.
Brainstorm is a verifiable genius, and that genius shows through with the creation of his Joe robots, "Shock and Awe".

Shock and Awe are used for unmanned recon, and infantry support missions. They can go anywhere, take a beating, and deliver a devastating payload!

Shock is a large treaded vehicle resempling a small tank, and was created by Brainstorm to assist the infantry units in operations. Shock specializes in anti armor strikes with its swiveling autoloading cannon.
Shock is also armed with two medium range laser cannons and an anti-personel gatling gun.
Shock is heavily armed and just as heavily armored. There is room on the back for a Joe to stand.

Awe is a small remote operated robot used primarily for recon and infantry support missions. Aside from being remotely operated by Joe techhead, Brainstorm, Awe can also be programmed to carryout missions using advanced objective programming and geo-synchronous global positioning.
Awe is equipped with infra-red thermal imaging capabilities, and CBN detection capabilities.
It walks on six multi-jointed legs allowing it to easily traverse any terrain.
Awe is armed with a 7.62 automatic machine gun, and a bunker busting high-explosive missile launcher.

Shock was orignally a wheeled tank found at a garage sale, the wheels were replaced with treads from a Snow Cat
Awe was a McDonalds Star Wars toy, with a Battle Corps missile launcher added to the top.

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