Head: '93 Beach Head
Torso: '88 Spearhead
Arms: '86 Serpentor
Wasit and Legs: '87 Knockdown

Armadihla is an expert tracker and trapper. His origins are largely unknown, but its confirmed that he first popped up in South America, which is where he currently operates as a mercenary for hire.
He is exremetly strong albeit slow moving due to his thick armor protecting his chest, face and head.

I've always been fascinated by the International figures, and though I do not own any, I have begun incorprorating them into my Joe collection via customs.
Armadihla was released in Brazil and was really just a Battle Corps Beach Head repaint. However, I always thought he had the makings or a very cool character and was deserving of his own figure and not just a re-release of an existing Joe toy.

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