Head: '91 Heavy Duty with BBI Goggles
Torso: '86 Cross Country
Arms: '86 Lowlight
Wast and Legs: American Defense

Night Force was something I never appreciated as a kid. I remember seeing them in stores, but thought that repaints of perfectly good figures were a waste of money and play time. The only two Night Force figures I ever had were Crazy Legs and Outback, and they were sold off quite some time ago. As I've gotten older I've been able to better appreciate a concept like Night Force, and realized my collection was missing without a Night Force team. As a realist I know I will probably never own all the Night Force figures, so I decided to make my own. In the process I created a robust subset consisting of more than 20 figures and vehicles.

Alpine was one of the earliest additions to my team when I started planning out the project. The original figure has some dark colors that already lend itself well to the idea of Night Force so I decided to go in a route other than just a repaint.

The padding on the Lowlight arms and American Defense legs meshed well together, and Heavy Duty's head works well for the character with the addition of a simple goatee.

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