Head: CHIPS- Sarge cast
Lower arms, hands, feet: SWCW- Clone Trooper
Rest of body: Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Helmeted Head: Cast of NS Airborne/Ripcord Helmet on 25A Cobra Commander Head
Jetwings: Captain Power- Major Hawk Masterson
Forearm/hand gauntlets: NS Spytroops Shipwreck


My inclusion of the Centurions toy lines is a blatant steal from Hemble Creations' fantastic customs.

I don't have "universe" for my customs as many customizers do. However, I like having a loose framework that could link characters from other toy lines to the world of GI Joe. MASK is easy because Hasbro actually introduced Matt Trakker into GI Joe lore. Eagle Force, cut from the same cloth as GI Joe, is even easier. But Centurions? That takes some stretching. The development of real world exo-suits being developed for the military, as often shown on The Military Channel and The Science Channel, makes it almost plausible. Upgrade these fancy contraptions to where they'll be in the near future and that's pretty much Centurions.

The Iron Man action figures are a given to use for base figures. I bought the three cheapest Iron Man figures I could pick up, which happened to be three of the same figure- the Inferno Mission Iron Man. Instead of trying to make each of the Centurions have different uniforms, they're essentially the same, though I mixed in a few different pieces so they're not carbon copies of each other. In this case, the lower arms/hand and feet have replaced the Iron Man ones. The forearm/hand gauntlets have a certain avian feel to them, perfect for the flying Centurion. Likewise, removing the shoulder pads and replacing the bulky feet with much smaller ones makes the character appear lighter. The Major Hawk Masterson jetwings round out the design.

Colors & Painting:

Based on the Kenner figure. The simple and bold color sets of each character used by Kenner are good. Even on the nearly identical Iron Man bodies it's easy to tell which figure is which character based on colors.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The unmasked head is a cast of Sarge from Mego's CHIPS line.

The alternate/helmeted head is a cast of the NS Airborne/Ripord helmet (Copperhead disguise) on a 25A Cobra Commander helmet. Similar in appearance to what Hasbro threw together to make its modern era Charbroil a few years back. In fact, that Charbroil head would look great for a Centurions helmet, but I didn't want to risk ruining the paint making the cast. Because the eyes of the figures aren't visible on the alternate heads, I didn't see the need to make three different helmets.

Thanks for looking.

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