Everything: '92 Bullet-Proof

Rifle: Marauder Gun Runners

Hasbro's Night force took some great molds and repainted them in darker colors. For the most part alot of the repaints were improvements over the originals. As a kid I never got into the Night Force concept, in fact I thought it was dumb. As an adult I have a new appreciation for the idea, and wanted to make my own custom Night Force team using some repaints of some of my favorite ARAH figures

I was a big DEF fan. I thought the characters and figures were all fantastic. Bullet-Proof was a new character added, which I was always a fan of new characters being added to the mythos. The file card stated he was a DEA agent assigned to the DEF task force, but I figure he probably had some military trianing prior to that. I figure Bullet Proof was a former Army Ranger that had gone to work for the DEA after being discharged, then assigned to DEF, and then transferred into the proper Joe team.

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