Head, torso and arms: '89 Dee-Jay
waist and Legs: '92 Flak Viper

The original Night Force line up included a range of nice specialties, and while some made sense such as Green Beret, Psy-Ops, and Recon; others made little to no sense...Flamethrower, anyone? Anyway, it always seemed there some specialties missing that would have been a great part of the team and Communications Specialist would be a big one.
While on the ground Deep behind enemy lines, you need someone acting as a centralized hub of communications between the differen squads, air support and ground support.
Dee-Jay is a good candidate to fill that role.

The Dee-Jay mold isn't terrible, at least not from above the waist. When making this custom, I knew I needed to get rid of that terrible lower half. I've been wanting to use the Flak Viper legs for some time, and this seemed like a great opportunity.
I had made some mods to the Ambush rifle, which isn't bad but way too long. I shortened the stock on it making it easier for a Joe to hold and to play with.

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