Head: Slayer/TGC Bindy Sculpt
Torso: Destro/MU Professor X, modded
Legs: BnB Wrestler legs, modded, plus MU hip and Thor feet.
Helmet: Retaliation Cobra Trooper, plus Ret. Budo horns, plus 25A Torpedo Oxygen tanks turned beercans, plus Arctic Destro's squirtgun hose for tubing.

Perhaps the best known, most loved, craziest, coolest, drunkest, most feared yet most respected man involved in the half of the battle currently raging between the red lasers and the blue, Dr. Bindy helps lead the charge to victory.

Though all respect the team's captain and his authority, many believe it is Dr. Bindy's ruthlessness (he is a lawyer after all) and his Baseball Bat of Justice which will turn the tide. Refusing to meet at team HQ (it's on Sesame Street for crying out loud), he is instead on retainer to fulfill the dirtiest of jobs, in order to advance the cause.

(For example the hit on joemichaels70's famed horse Thunderbolt...)

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