All Parts Are JvC

Head: Beach Head
Torso: Roadblock
Arms: Roadblock
Waistpiece: Sand Viper
Thighs: Zartan
Lower Legs: Ripper

Croc Master has always been a love him/hate him kind of character in the Joe universe. Personally, I liked the figure a lot and really dug him, though my RAH Croc Master has long since past on to 'lost' status... I always felt that people never really gave CM his due, I figured he'd be somewhat also of a Cobra Elite Swamp Trooper aside from a Croc Wrangler... contrasting to the Joe's Gung Ho (who was raised in swamps) and Muskrat. My brother came up with the initial idea for this custom and I helped him out along the way.

The first joint custom by my brother and I. My brother conceived the idea of a JvC Croc Master and chose most of the parts. He also painted most of the simple portions while I worked on the details and touch-ups. We opted to get rid of the whole 'breathing apparatus' look on his head,tossing a Cobra logo onto it to add some more to the cool factor. Roadblock's torso had the perfect croc-scale look to it and we also made use of his arms,adding scars along the forearms. I'm sure Croc Master got bit a few times when handling those crocs! Zartan's thighs worked well,as did the Sand Viper's waistpiece, we even managed to get the 'croc eye' look on it. And finally Ripper's lower legs had the perfect chewed-up look to them for a Croc Master custom.

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