Head: Rock'N Roll V1 Br
Torso: Rock'N Roll V1 Br
Waist: good question...
Arms: Tunnel Rat V1
Left leg: Footloose V1 Br
Right Leg: Recondo/Footlose V1 Br

My first GI Joe/Comandos em Acao was the Brazilian Rock 'N Roll, the Arma Pesada codename Gladion. I have all Rock 'N Roll versions so I thought I needed to have a custom version. How? I saw the Rock'N Roll from Sideshow Collectibles and the concept was very cool. I used a M-60A3 marauder inc because is more real than a US Army soldier use a mod from a MG-3. Some grenades i good too. And the ammo box aside is a idea from Predator, to movie. The paint tries to emulate the new digital camo pattern.

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