head: '93 HEAT Viper
Torso: '93 Gung-ho
Arms: '87 Cobra Commander
Waist: '93 Mirage
Legs: '87 Cobra Commander

Real name: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Anti-Tank Weapons Specialist
Secondary Military Specialty: Squad Support Specialist

The poster child of the Third Reich's war machine, Col. Panzer is literally a walking tank. Over the years his human body has grown old and decrepit, and worn down body parts have been replaced with cybernetic and mechanical implants. At this point it's unknown how much of Col. Panzer is man and how much is machine, but what is known is that he is much more than an antiquated relic of the last world war.
Despite being in active duty for over 65 years, he constantly upgrades his weapons systems keeping them state of the art. He is currently equipped with a removable wrist mounted 20mm cannon, anti-armor cannon, and a jet pack.
Weapons include a 20mm anti-personel cannon, a 105 mm anti-tank rocket cannon, and a single thruster nuclear powered rocket pack. He serves the new Oktober Guard as their anti-tank specialist.

This figure is based on comic book character I had created during my time on the fringe of the comic industry. He was created as a villain for a new super hero team. In transitioning a number of comic characters into my Joeverse, he seemed like a good fit, and I thought it would be fun to add him to the Oktober Guard. This guy was previously a member of the Nazi party and it'd interesting to see him interact with members of the Oktober Guard that may still harbor some hatred or resentment towards him.

The custom itself was pretty simple. I wanted his camo to resemble that of a WWII Panzer tank.
The jetpack was made using the pack from the Silver Mirage cycle.

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