Head: '93 SB Duke
Torso: '87 Blaster
Arms: unknown and '86 BAT
Waist: '87 Backstop
Legs: '90 Salvo

Cable, the time displaced freedom fighter from the future has been officially been added to my Joeverse.

Adding Cable to my Joeverse will come with some reworking of the character. For example, this Cable is not a mutant with Telekinetic Powers. He considers himself a freedom fighter, but is more of a Mercenary with scruples. He also claims to hail from an apocalyptic future, but those claims have never been substantiated. What little intelligence that has been gathered, indicates that Nathan Dayspring aka Cable is a man that wants to do right, but can't be trusted.

This custom was a lot of fun despite being a simple parts swap and repaint. The Salvo legs and Blocker Torso have some great details in them.
I decided to use a BAT arm to better show that its a cybernetic limb, and not just an armored sleeve.

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