Head: RoC Ripcord
Torso, upper arms: RoC Pit Commando
Lower arms: 25th Cobra Trooper
Legs: 25th Steeler
Helmet: 25th Airborne

This was one of the figures created for Battle Corps Month, my attempt to recreate the Battle Corps line from the '90s in ME format.

Bulletproof, like Barricade and Mace were characters named after one of Hasbro's other properties. Bulletproof shares a few of his C.O.P.S. counterpart's characteristics. His appearance is similar and he leads a small team of law enforcement officers. Unfortunately, his GI Joe iteration is much less memorable than his COPS character. That being said, Bulletproof is a pretty decent figure. His first version, from the DEF sub-theme, sports tan highlights and inspired this custom.

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