Head: RoC Zartan
Torso, upper arms: 30th Mercer
Lower arms: 30th Gnaw
Legs: Ret Firefly
Vest: RoC Breaker

This was one of the figures created for Battle Corps Month, my attempt to recreate the Battle Corps line from the '90s in ME format.

Another addition to my DEF team, after Bulletproof and Mutt, Cutter kept most of his original color scheme for his 1992 release. The blue pants, the orange life vest and the Red Sox baseball cap all made the transition from his original 1984 version. In 1993, he was repainted for Battle Corps.
I went back and forth between the DEF version and the official Battle Corps. In the end, I settled on the DEF to bolster my team and because I thought the color scheme was more interesting. I just need to add the holster on the front and this custom will be done.

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