Head: Vintage
Rest: Ren. Cobra Commander
Belt: 25th Hawk

This was one of the figures created for Battle Corps Month, my attempt to recreate the Battle Corps line from the '90s in ME format.

The Evil Headhunters were the enemies for the GI Joe Drug Elimination Force (DEF). The Headhunters were Headman's enforcers and bodyguards. They mix elements from drug lords and mafia and make an interesting new adversary for GI Joe.

Headhunters have been on my to-do list for while. The Renegades Cobra Commander body is a perfect base for these guys, in my opinion. These are technically the 1992 DEF paint scheme of the character, but I included them in the project because they got a Battle Corps repaint in 1993. I plan on expanding the Headhunter roster eventually. Headman has been on the backburner for a while and Gristle would make a fun project as well. Maybe having these in my collection will motivate me to finish the team.

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