Head: Cannonball
Torso: Burnout
Arms: Gung-Ho
Waist: Dusty
Upper Legs: Dr. Mindbender
Lower Legs: RAH Dusty

My attempt at making a short figure. There is no modifications to the height of any of the parts here.

8-Ball was a bouncer at a dive bar that The Dreadnoks stopped in one night. When they started to get rowdy he politely asked them to keep it down. The next time he asked, Gnawgahyde told him where to take his requests. The next thing Gnawgahyde knew was a pool ball hitting him right in the chest and the next coming straight at his head. He ducked and 8-Ball hit him with a pool cue and drug him outside before any of the other 'Noks could react. Zarana took a liking to the little man and when they left that night, 8-Ball was riding with her.

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