Head: 25th Flash
Torso, arms: RoC Neo Viper
Legs: 25th Ace
Helmet: DTC Salvo
Backpack: PoC Duke

Flak Vipers are Cobra's anti-aircraft specialists. They carry around a 900 pound backpack that can shoot two surface-to-air missiles to take down Skystrikers. They wear metal helmets to properly distribute the heat from the launch and make sure that their heads are cooked through and through. It must smell like bacon in that helmet all the time! I hope Cobra offers a comprehensive health plan.

Flak Viper is another figure who got two different color schemes during the Battle Corps years. I based my custom off the second version with blue highlights. It felt more like Cobra to me. Also, I have already done a few orange figures in this project, so I gave baby blue a chance.

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