Head: Dollar General Duke/Grunt
Torso and arms: GIJCC White Mortal
Legs: RoC Storm Shadow

Barry aka Other Barry aka Sy Berg used to work for the covert contractor operations group known as ODIN. After his second fall from a rooftop because of Sterling Archer, the KGB rescued Barry and turned him into a bionic man. Now he'll take on any mission that gives him even the slightest bit of revenge against his nemisis. So if Archer is helping the Joes, you can be sure Barry is helping Cobra.


Total credit to Kilcarr and joemichaels70 for coming up with the idea behind this one. Kilcarr was asking about what legs might work with the Club's White Mortal figure. I suggested the SS legs. Then JM70 said that would look like a photo negative Archer, which we all know is Barry.

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