Head: '87 Knockdown
Torso: '91 Major Altitude
Arms: '92 Destro
Waist and Legs: '90 Metal Head

Air Raid was once a member of the SOAR Night Hawks, until a crash left him disabled and honorably discharged from service. Following his discharge, he fell into depression. Then Cobra came calling; the organization offered him a cure for his disability in exchange for agreeing to train new rotary-wing pilots. feeling there was no other option, he agreed.
The Heli-Viper Commander is a straight shooter who strives for order and rules. He is an excellent pilot and has written the new Cobra manual adered to by all of Cobra's Rotary Wing Core.

This is an old custom, but one that I always enhoyed. from a characterization standpoint, I like the idea of a Cobra Officer that does not necessarily agree with or share their ideologies. If he hadn't been injured, he may have ended up becoming a Joe.

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