Hasbro: Shockwave Blast Captain America Figure (Captain America: The Winter Soldier): Whole Figure
21st Century Toys: M-1 Thompson SMG, M3 knife in sheath, helmet straps
Forces of Valor: Helmet and pistol holster
BBI: Hand grenades
Maisto: 1942 Harley Davidson Flathead
Resin cast pouches
Grosgrain strap, leather lace and buckles (Rio Rondo) Woodland Scenics' lettering and paint.

"...We had gone in to rescue Europe's leading scientist and engineers held by the Nazis. The drop had gone well and the SS Polizei guarding the camp put up little resistance. As we prepared to move out to meet our transport, we were attacked by troops from two armored halftracks supported by a Mark IV tank. The company's only bazooka was dented on the drop. We were pinned and had no way out. The CO hollered something I couldn't hear but the men relayed the message, "Command's sending Asset 1-A!" I nodded in acknowledgment but I had no idea what that was supposed to mean. A moment later, over the din of the approaching panzer, I could hear the muffled roar of a motorcycle. When I saw him I thought of a comic book character; all dressed in blue, red and white, and looking too ridiculous to be a soldier. My initial fears were dispelled in seconds. I watched in astonishment as he leapt from the cycle to the back of the tank, throwing the commander from his hatch like a rag doll. Then he tossed a pair of grenades into the open tops of each halftrack before finishing the Mark IV with a Hawkins mine. He jumped from the exploding Mark IV and began to settle scores with the grenadiers; blocking or bludgeoning with a shield as needed. Unsupported and outmatched the Germans quickly surrendered. After retrieving the motorcycle the man in blue saluted us then rode out of sight. Damndest thing I ever saw." -2nd Lt. Flagg
I did not buy any Marvel characters until recently because I did not want to start collecting a new line. Having changed my mind, I learned I had missed the best choices for a Captain America. The one I bought was fairly plain so I decided after drawing a doodle of a WWII era "Captain" to try to customize the figure. I used both the "The 1st Avenger" film and Ultimate Captain America for inspiration. The figure was modified with articulated wrists and a nail to his back for attaching the shield. The shield was drilled slightly to add a magnet (connects with the nail) and I replaced the arm straps. Paint and accessories were added to give a vintage WWII look and the Harley was weathered up a bit. "Asset 1-A" is now a go for my shelf.

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