Head: Tripwire
Torso: Tripwire or Green Shirt
Arms and Legs: Green Shirts

The Catapult and Arresting Gear Crew have a variety of duties including:
Catapult and arresting gear crews, hooking the planes into the catapults prior to launch and ensuring the arresting cables and plane's hooks are in working order.

Air wing maintenance personnel, performing first echelon maintenance of the aircraft

Air wing quality control personnel, checking to make sure repairs are made and done correctly

Cargo-handling personnel, loading, securing and unloading cargo within aircraft.

Ground support equipment (GSE) troubleshooters, checking the tow and fuel vehicles along with other gear used on the flight deck

Photographer's mates, filming the launches and landings of the aircraft as well as taking other official photos on the flight deck

Helicopter landing signal enlisted personnel (LSE), guiding helos in for safe landings

I've never been much for having nameless and faceless characters in the ranks of G.I.*JOE, but I realize it takes a crew of around five thousand to run the operations on a modern aircraft carrier, so I made up a standard crew as well as a flight deck crew for the Flagg.

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