Head: Tripwire
Torso: Flash/Grand Slam
Arms and Legs: Green Shirts

The duties of the Ordenance, Crash and Salvage crew include:

Ordnance men, loading the prober bombs, missiles and ammunition onto an aircraft for it's missions

Crash and salvage crews,recover aircraft that have crashed on the flight deck

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). There are times when an aircraft returns and the weapons have armed, but were not deployed for one reason or another, the EOD are required to disarm these weapons.

Firefighter, putting out fires on the flight deck from aircraft that have crashed.

I've never been much for having nameless and faceless characters in the ranks of G.I.*JOE, but I realize it takes a crew of around five thousand to run the operations on a modern aircraft carrier, so I made up a standard crew as well as a flight deck crew for the Flagg.

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