Head: Anakin Skywalker
Body: IJ Short Round
Harness: Jawa
earbuds: paper clips glued to thread
Mech: mix of Happy Meal toy and Lex Luthor power armor.

This was my first figure inspired by my oldest son. He has since outgrown this age, and I have made a newer/older one as well. Parts of this younger one may end up going towards a new figure of my youngest son.

I decided to place this character mostly within my sci-fi universe which is mostly an original creation. There, Luc is the son of Percy and Bex Ajax. He likes to hang out in the spaceship junkyard called Big Papa's, and work on making his own mecha.

When used in my EXCAL verse, however, Luc becomes Luke, and is the son of Knighthawk, former Joe Greenshirt, former EXCAL Paladin, and current liaison to the new Adventure Team.

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