Head: Deleted Scene Sandstorm Han Solo
Upper Body, Upper legs: 25th Zartan
Lower Legs, knees: 25th Serpentor
Chest Armor: 25th Zartan
Shirt: Green Stuff

The son of European aristocrats, Thrasher was every bit the spoiled brat. It wasn't that he wanted attention from his parents, he was just a jerk and he liked destruction. He had no sense of value for anything as his parents gave him whatever he wanted. He began to build things just for the pleasure of destroying them. Then he began to realize he had a knack for building things, some things he even took some pride in. In early twenties, he found a wrecked sports car and decided to rebuild it, but he didn't want an old fancy sports car his parents could buy him, he wanted one built with his own personality in mind, one built for destruction, and thus his beloved Thunder Machine was born. When Thrasher found out about an outlaw motorcycle club called the Dreadnoks was looking for new members, he knew he and his Thunder Machine were a perfect match. Although he had proven himself worthy in Zartan's eyes, the rest of the members weren't too keen on him until they saw the mayhem that the man and his vehicle were capable of inflicting.

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