Head: 25th v2 Hawk
Helmet, body: 25th Dataframe

Mainframe did his time in the Army, took his discharge and though he'd like working in the civilian world as a programmer. Unfortunately this wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and he missed everything that comes with serving one's country, so he reenlisted, but this time in the Marine Corps. He started to feel everything he missed about the military and enjoyed the fact that now he was on the cutting edge of technology and as he rose through the ranks, he was able to help develop the software and hardware the military would be using.

I always liked the two tone look of Mainframe's uniform in the cartoon, so that was the first bit of customization. The head always bothered me, first, it wasn't the most flattering looking face, second the non-removable helmet. I used a drill with a big bit to drill our the head form the helmet and an X-acto to cut away the face. Lots of cutting and scraping out later, the helmet was hallowed out enough to fit decently over the head.

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