Head: Anakin Skywalker
Torso: 25A Para Viper
Upper arms: RoC Storm Shadow
Lower arms: 25A Duke
Legs: Resolute Trooper
Boots: McDonalds Mindbender
Collar: RoC Storm Shadow
Coat: Dr Rex

When Renegades first started and people were either loving it or hating it, I got told a lot by the haters that, as the biggest fan of Dr Mindbender that there is, I was going to HATE Renegades' version of Dr Mindbender.

Fast forward to when Renegades appeared on Netflix and those people couldn't have been more wrong. Renegades Mindbebder was AWESOME for all the reasons people didn't like him. He was such a major departure from the established version. I was truly bummed when there was no official figure released.

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