Head: Bombstrike
Torso: Baroness
Arms: Baroness
Waist: Bombstrike
Legs: Tunnel Rat

I've been trying to make my own Dreadheads since they were introduced at the 2004 convention. I finally got the parts right and I added a female to the mix.

Daisy was at the bar the night The Dreadnoks rolled in with the brothers Vance and Otis in tow. She was immediately impressed with the way the 'noks took command of the bar. She approached Buzzer and let him know she was interested. Buzzer laughed her off and talked down to her. In the one time the Dreadnok flunkies stood up to their idols, Otis stepped in to defend Daisy. Otis suffered for it and was left lying in the floor as the Dreadnoks left that night. It paid off for him though as Daisy joined Otis and Vance on the road and they caught up with The Dreadnoks the very next night.

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