head - desert wolf
visor - duke v1
torso arms , legs - hitech v1
vest - arctic snakeeyes
pants - spirit
weapons pack, hitech hound pack, hitechrifle barrel, missle pod from stike armor duke

The Weaponsmith was the chief weapons designer for Baron IronBlood, among his greatest creations was the dreaded Roboskull craft and the Escape Armor, a popular enough design he sold 500 to Cobra and called them SNAKE armor. His partnership with Cobra turned sour when the GIJOE operative Cover Girl infiltrated his network to sabotage a weapon he was making for Serpentor. He was believed to have died in the struggle and his dossier was sealed. Until recently he appeared alive and well along side COIL agents spreading his unique form of vendetta and vengeance to any that have the misfortune to be in his way.

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