Head and Lower Arms: Retaliation Cobra Commander
Body: 25th Iron Grenadier
Legs and belt: Rescue Mission Snake Eyes

When about to face serious combat, Cobra Commander dons a suit of body armor that combines state of the art 9th generation bullet-proof polymer fabrics with carbon string composite plate components. The entire suit is air-conditioned, environment-resistant, and magnetically shielded. The helmet is fitted with an integral com-system, a full battle heads up display and global geopositioning.

The carbon plates can withstand a direct hit from a .50 cal machine-gun and the flexible parts will stop anything up to and including a NATO 7.62 rifle fire. The armor uses an innovative ballistic gel liner to reduce explosive shock, and includes microservo based strength enhancement giving him the power of 10 men.

When Destro's metallurgists showed him the prototype, his only question was, "Does it come in black?"

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