All: ROC Duke
Head: ROC Heavy Duty
Vest: PTE
Rifle: BBI

Duke's team has been charged with moving a load of top secret weapons from a Military Manufacturing lab in Kyrgyzstan. Equipped with the Rhino heavy transport vehicle, shat could possibly stand in the way of a successful delivery?

Hammer is a trooper with airborne certification and a ranger tab. He's dedicated to his career, his family and the traditions of the United States Armed Forces. Many think hem dull and one dementional, but soldiers like him are the backbone of any military team. In his spare time he enjoys wearing red shirts.

I loved the ROC duke figure at the time of its release more than any other Modern Era figure that had ever been released. It was also available in volume in Canada which made it good custom fodder. After seeing the movie, I had to have a small squad of troops to represent the ones from the Cobra attack in Kyrgyzstan. I think that the design holds up as a generic trooper, even today.

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