Head: ROC Ripcord
Body: ROC Duke
Boonie Hat: Tiger Force Crosshairs

Ripcord is a man displaced. He feels as though in another place or another time, he would be an airborne HALO jumper or better yet, flying a jet, with red hair.

In fact, to live out this dream he has qualified on Jets every chance he has gotten, despite the fact that it is actually the Air Force and Navy that have jets. He keeps on breaking into Naval and Air Force bases, posing as a soldier of the appropriate type, and getting qualified. If anyone ever found out, no doubt he would be court marshaled.

I loved the ROC duke figure at the time of its release more than any other Modern Era figure that had ever been released. It was also available in volume in Canada which made it good custom fodder. After seeing the movie, I had to have a small squad of troops to represent the ones from the Cobra attack in Kyrgyzstan. I hoped that they would do a Ripcord in this deco, but they didn't - so I did.

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