Body: Retaliation Cobra Commander
Head, Forearms, Equipment: Iron Grenadier

These troopers are Destro's elite light infantrymen and retail sales associates. Each Iron Grenadier splits his time between maintaining perfect physical shape, and meeting increasingly difficult sales targets.

From the Iron Grenadier Training Guide Volume One:

"The best way to sell weapons is to start a war." When that is inconvenient, sell a weapon cheaply to someone that wants to start a war. Then sell a weapon at standard markup to the person that wants to defend against them. Then go back to your first client and sell them more guns. Standard markups apply. Escalation increases margin. When the streets and rivers run red with blood, the spreadsheets rarely run red with ink."


It's a parts swap, and other than the short neck, I like this a lot more than the stock body.

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