25th Budo
Head: Retaliation Zartan

Silver Samurai, Shin Harada is a mutant with the ability to generate a tachyon field, with which despite the name does not allow him to travel in time, or travel in space. Instead it surrounds an object and makes it really good at cutting things. For some reason, he uses his ability to give his ancient family samurai sword the ability to cut things, which honestly, it should be able to do pretty well anyway.

He also possesses a technologically-advanced suit of armor, which grants him the ability of flight and protection from being attacked by anything except vibraniun, adamantium, and other stuff that you pretty much have to headline a comic of your own in order to have.

Despite this, he's really cranky.

So 25th Budo... - Really I had no use for him at all. I got him for three bucks and couldn't figure out what to do with him. After passing up the 5poa SS at retail, I figured that this might be a good use for this Budo, and he spends his time happily getting trounced by Wolverine across my shelves.

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