Head: Modded Prof X (same as all my current Knighthawk and Ajax customs)
Torso/Arms: ROC Zartan
Legs/Coveralls piece: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Construction Equipment: Bruder
Hard Hat (chopped off of a CAT o-ring figure, and modded into a removable hat).

Blue Lasers can hide behind as many mechs and robots as they like. But the officers of that army don't stand a chance when team Red Laser sends out its most notorious hitman, the man they call Knighthawk.

First some explanation. You see, this Knighthawk isn't quite what he used to be - in the head I mean. Had some tragedy befall him, which he attributed directly to Blue Laser Shenanigans. When he went off the deep end and got himself incarcerated, he started making a list of his first targets for when he'd get out...

For the first round of hell he unleashed on team Blue Laser, he went undercover, as seen here. TBL High Command had no idea what hit them (hint, it was a shovel)...

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