Head - Jurassic Park Prototype Figure
Upper Torso - DG Cobra Trooper
Lower Torso & Upper Arms - Retaliation Mouse
Legs - 30th Steel Brigade versions A&B mashed up
Vest - 30th Steel Brigade
Knife & Sheath - Raginspoon
Belt, Helmet, and Rifle - 25th Airborne

I used a Jurassic Park prototype figure's head with the tattoos removed. The skin tone was great for Airborne's Native American look, but I hate how much it looks like Channing Tatum with the helmet on. Which is kind of amusing, in that this was the same mold as Resolute Duke, which was a figure produced around the same time they were preparing to make Rise of Cobra figures. So I wonder if this was an early Tatum headsculpt that was repurposed. (I always questioned why the Resolute Duke figure looked so much different than what he actually did in the cartoon).

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