Head, torso, waist, arms, lower legs: Dr Mindbender
Thighs: Big Boa
Left hand: Hydro Viper
Feet: Wolverine Origins Weapon X
Helmet: McFarlane Monsters Creature From the Black Lagoon

Living on an island, it was only obvious to make use of the region's indigenous marine biology. In order to do so, Mindbender decided to get the best deep sea diver he knew of: G.I. Joe's Deep Six. He tasked a Crimson Guardsman stationed near the naval base in Texas to alert him when Deep Six showed up for shore leave. A couple of slipped mickeys later, Mindbender was on his way to creating his own deep sea diver. Utilizing the same genetic modifications used for incoming Hydro Vipers, Deep Sixty Nine is the best equipped diver on Cobra Island!

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