Head: Baroness
Torso: Zarana
Arms: Dr Mindbender
Waist: Scarlett
Thighs: Scarlett
Boots: Zarana

Early on in Doctor Mindbender's cloning and genetic amalgamating, he wanted to make a female version of himself. He discovered it wasn't enough to simply change the chromosomes of his own DNA. This produced... Undesirable... Results. No, he needed material from an actual human female to combine with his own. And at that time, on Cobra Island, there weren't very many females around, so the choice was obvious. The resulting creation remains one of the more popular denizens of the Mindbender labs, for obvious reasons.


Ugh. My sculpting is SO BAD. This was actually my second attempt at the concept, and she still shows just how amateur my work can be.

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