Head - BBI
Arms - 85 Dusty/MU Johnny Storm legs/Clone Trooper Hands
Torso - 85 Dusty
Waist - 85 Dusty
Legs - A whole bunch of figures carved to bits, reassembled, and sculpted

Rifle - BBI
Vest - RoC Duke

This was version 1.0 of my "Ultimate RAH" project. The goal was to take a figure with RAH style proportions and bash modern standards of highly articulated figures into the RAH figure. Painstaking attempts were made to preserve a full range of motion in each point of articulation in order to give an "enhanced" RAH experience. Because the RAH scale was slavishly adhered to, this figure is fully compatible with all vintage vehicles and playsets.

I also wanted to update sculpting standards by using a BBI head and trying to use Apoxie sculpt to enhance the detail in the original parts. I also wanted to modernize the painted detail by giving it as intricate of a paintjob as possible.

The end result was pretty good, I think. I learned some lessons I have been trying to incorporate into a v2.0 of this figure. Most notably in the legs. The thighs need to be slightly shortened and the calves slightly lengthened, as the incorporation of the separate knee piece, half of which should be considered part of the upper leg area, elongates the thigh and doesn't leave much for a properly sized lower leg. Also, I have found better ways at incorporating toe articulation and double jointed elbows that look quite a bit better.

If I could only stop myself from experimenting with more articulation, I might be able to actually finish a figure!

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