Head: Corps! Star Force
Torso: Blast Off
Waist: 86 Dr Mindbender
Arms: 92 Destro/87 Cobra Commander
Legs: 86 Low Light/92 Grunt/87 Cobra Commander

This custom sat unfinished for a looooong time.

I was actually still living in the dorms at Tinker Air Force Base when I started it. On a late night trip to Wal Mart for misc junk, I saw one of those end of the aisle displays with a whole bunch of stuff hanging on a dangly thing on sale. I think I got a 2-pack for 49 cents or something, thinking I could find a use for them.

A few weeks later, I was doing one of those parts-storming sessions where you just rifle through fodder seeing what goes together. I didn't care for the proportions of most Lanard figures, but this head looked cool. It looked even cooler on Blast Off's torso. I then had the idea of sanding off the number on his torso and replacing it with a Cobra logo, and making this an elite cobra operative. It then dawned on me... make him a "modernized" update to Cobra Mortal. Shedding his identity as a Snake Eyes knockoff, and making him a unique character in his own right.

This brought the Mortal character into my Joeverse. My origin for him is that he is a blueshirt who met with an unfortunate fate, losing an arm, leg, and suffering severe organ and brain damage. Dr. Venom took the opportunity to experiment and used the brainwave scanner to keep his brain active and prevent brain-death, and used cybernetic implants to stabilize his condition. They then took the opportunity to enhance his body, "Bionic Man style" and made him the ultimate Cobra agent. Becoming the right hand man for Viper Prime, the "man" now known as Mortal has proven to be a devastating force for Cobra's brand of terror all over the world.

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