Head: BBI
Torso/Upper Arms: Spy Troops Coils
Lower Arms: Spy Troops Recondo
Waist: JvC Flint
Legs: Valor vs Venom Sgt Bazooka

Hammer started out as a project that fizzled right after I began. The project was to make my own version of a Joe toyline to accompany a hypothetical Joe movie. The idea was to use BBI heads or heads from 1/18 Joe lines with actor likenesses to make figures of Joe characters that resembled the actors that I envisioned playing roles. I recall wanting Asborn Riis to play Rock N Roll, Ving Rhames to play Roadblock, Catherine Bell to be Lady Jaye, and Bruce Willis to play Flint.

BBI had been making heads with passing resemblances to actors for awhile, and the Bruce Willis inspired head had been making the rounds on Smalljoes and TRU. I managed to get about a half dozen of them for use in various projects. After doing a bit of modding, I got the head looking even more Bruce Willisey and set about to make a properly awesome body. I grudgingly decided to use new sculpt parts because they were the most modern construction style at the time, and it would be more true to the idea of a new line from Hasbro. I gathered up a collection of the more properly proportioned new sculpt parts

In making the figure itself, I took the opportunity to do some new stuff. The torso was modified with apoxie sculpt to add body armor to the Coils torso, and I took the opportunity to try my hand at making the Army's new ACU pattern. The result was pretty nice, but the overall project was never completed because I never figured out what heads to use for Roadblock, Rock N Roll and others. So, I was left with a one off figure that didn't quite fit in with the rest of my collection (Until I made a couple of other New Sculpt customs.) I decided to make him a unique character so I could use him alongside other Flint figures.

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