Head- Barbecue 85 with Darth Vader helmet
Torso- Bullhorn 90
Arms- Crimson Guard Immortal 91
Waist- Taurus 87
Upper Legs- Snow Serpent 91
Lower Legs- Barbecue 85
MTR-21 Assault Rifle- Baroness 05

Driver of the Red Shadows Shadowtrak.

Before joining the Red Shadows, Red Vulture was the get-away driver for a well-known Paris criminal gang. He is an ace mechanic, able to repair and maintain any vehicle. He is also an expert with explosives and small arms. A man said to be devoid of mercy or compassion.

Just an attempt to individulize a character whose original figure was just a Red Shadows trooper with black gloves. I am pleased with the results...

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