Head: 02 Mirage
Torso: 01 Duke
Arms: Big Bear
Legs: 85 Dusty

Not too long after Mirage was rereleased in the 2 packs, I made a trade with someone and was sent a very interesting head. It was Mirage with the headset sanded off. I immediately thought, "this would be a great head for Hawk!" and stuck it on my Hawk figure that featured his bluish/black bomber jacket he wore in his first set of reappearances as the GI Joe field commander in issues 49-50 of the Marvel comic.

After putting together my little set of O13 figures with the 92/01 Duke torso as a modernized version of the Grunt torso, I was left with enough parts for the last figure, Hawk, but was undecided on the head. When it dawned on me that Hawk originally had a visor and I was using Mirage's head on another version of Hawk, it made perfect sense to just go ahead and use an unmodified Mirage head for a Hawk update. This figure rounded out that set very nicely.

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