Head: Guillotine
Body: Indiana Jones Cemetery Guardian
Arms: PoC Zartan
Lower torso: 25A Ripper
Legs: RoC Arctic Threat Snake Eyes

One of my all time favorite mythologies is the television Stargate universe. I am a big fan of all three series, for different reasons. So of course I'm going to make customs of the characters.

Ronan's introduction in Stargate Atlantis was kind of a little contrived, as he was replacing a less badass sidekick character. I liked the character he replaced, so it took me a little bit to warm up to his character, but he grew to be one of my favorites, and he is prominently featured in one of my all time favorite tv episodes.

This was my second version of the character, and it is far and away the better custom. I feel this really captures his look, and stature very well.

*Special thanks to Cap for the custom Puddle Jumper ship

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