Head: 88 Destro
Torso: 85 Tomax (or Xamot, don't recall which is which)
Arms: Joe vs Cobra Blowtorch
Waist: Spy Troops Scalpel
Legs: 87 Big Boa

This custom has an interesting history... In my dio world, I had a storyline running about an Iron Grenadier named Duncan Stewart who was indebted to Destro. I never elaborated on what that debt was exactly, but I had some pretty ambitions plans on how to tell that story, which tell the origins of Stewart and retell the origins of Destro.

The origin story was going to flashback to the crusades, with Stewart being in Destro's service. Through Stewart's failure, Destro was captured by the Muslims and taken to Baghdad where he was forced to develop new Trebuchets for the Caliphate. During his exile, the city was attacked by Mongols who recognized Destro's genius. Destro was then taken east, and was to participate in the ill-fated invasion of Japan. After the entire Mongol fleet was shipwrecked, Destro washed up on the shore of one of the Japanese islands and met a Samurai warrior. The Samurai had never seen a Westerner before, and in an act of curiosity and a bit of compassion, spared his life. Destro then worked for the Samurai for several years, until Stewart found him and returned with him to Scotland.

With the help of Cap, I was hoping to put together some historical dioramas and historical customs to tell this story, but life got in the way and I wasn't even able to finish Whispers of War. But, I did make this Destro figure as something of a prototype for phase 2 of my now defunct dio-world.

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