Head: 91 Heavy Duty
Torso: 01 Big Ben
Arms: 97 Rock N Roll variant
Waist/Legs: 86 Roadblock

This was a pretty special custom because when I made it, I cannibalized a figure that I thought was worthless and later found out it was one of the most valuable, sought after variants in the original line.

I had picked up the TRU exclusive Stars N Stripes set in 2000 on deep discount, not long after I stumbled across the new 2-packs and started trolling toy stores again. I didn't even notice that Rock N Roll was a bit different than I remembered... he had a brown skin tone, as though they meant to change his race. I immediately tossed the figure into my fodder box. It wasn't until after I had painted the sleeves to make this figure that I found out that I probably should've kept the figure intact and just held out for another set of Roadblock arms. I did wind up sending the arms off to someone to try and remove the paint and piece together a 97 variant Roadblock, and I hope they were successful.

Anyway, back to this guy. Macon is a character I had rolling around in my head for awhile. I wanted to add a Southerner to the roster to show that the South is more than just rednecks like Cross Country who romanticize the confederacy. Macon is from Georgia, and had an interesting road to Delta Force and ultimately GI Joe. He was a high round draft pick by the Atlanta Braves to play shortstop, but after an injury to his shoulder during long toss in the Gulf Coast League made it nearly impossible to throw the ball or swing a bat, went to school at the University of Georgia. Feeling the loss of his athletic career drove him partying, and after getting into trouble, his father gave him an ultimatum; either come home and work on his grand-dad's farm, or allow the ROTC program to provide the structure and discipline he needed.

Macon chose the ROTC route and absolutely fell in love with the military life. The same keen eyesight that made him a Major League Baseball prospect made him one of the best rifleman in the corps. He went special forces immediately upon graduation and became a rarity, working as a sniper in the field while holding the rank of Second Lieutenant. His proficiency and dedication made him a prime candidate for Duke's team, and after Duke joined the GI Joe team, Macon was one of the few he insisted to bring along.

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