Head: Star Wars Malakili
Torso: Star Wars Ice Cream Maker Guy
Arms: 25A Snow Job and Shipwreck
Hip joint: some unknown 25A figure
Hips: 25A Cobra Trooper
Thighs, lower legs: Lando Calrissian

One of my all time favorite mythologies is the television Stargate universe. I am a big fan of all three series, for different reasons. So of course I'm going to make customs of the characters.

I got a box of random junk from drbindy. When it comes to customizing, however, one man's box of junk is another man's treasure. I've managed to spin some gold out of that box, which included the chubby torso on display here. Pluv had the great idea to use the Rancor Keeper head, as its a pretty fair likeness for Don S Davis.

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