Head: Star Trek the Motion Picture- McCoy cast
Chest/back: Star Wars- Super Battle Droid
Right arm, right foot: Iron Man- Inferno Mission
Lower torso/waist, right leg: Accelerator Suit ???
Left arm, left leg: Star Wars- Magnaguard Droid
Left "hand" claw: Unknown knock-off


My inclusion of the Centurions toy lines is a blatant steal from Hemble Creations' fantastic customs.

Another "Now a Joe", with Centurions' main villain re-imagined. Instead of making Doc Terror a cyborg villain, why not have him as a horribly injured scientist at Stark Industries forced to wear Centurions armor on what's left of his body. The destroyed part of his body is, of course, entirely robotic. Just because one's last name is "Terror", it doesn't make one a villain. Maybe just a bad driver or an irritating co-worker.

Doc Terror is cobbled together from armored/robotic Iron Man, Star Wars, and ROC Accelerator Suit parts. The gangly droid parts are kept to the totally destroyed half of the body, and the other parts could reasonably still have some human parts inside of them.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Kenner action figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The neck opening was drilled into the top of the Super Battle Droid. The front/back were modified to accept the arms. The left hand was removed and replaced with the claw. The socket area for the left leg is sculpted. The left leg was extended with kibble to match the height of the right leg.

Thanks for looking.

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