Head-POC Tomahawk
Helmet-Retaliation Flint with fodder add-ons including pieces from 25th Breaker
Webgear-Renegades Duke with POC Firefly canister grenades added
Torso-Renegades Duke
Arms-POC Firefly
Hands-Retaliation 3-pack Firefly
Legs-Dollar General Wave 2 Shipwreck with added holster
Backpack-Retaliation Lady Jaye with added tidbits

Breaker was a character I had always wanted to do a modern update on, but had never gotten past the brainstorming stage. When thinking about a character to do for a Night Force 2-pack, he came to mind only after considering a few other characters and moving on. Once I decided to go with Breaker, I took the ideas I had previously jotted down and started fleshing him out. I thought he needed the headgear so I used the 25th version and modified it making it look more modern and making it wireless. His electronics are housed in a small backpack fitted with satellite receiver and he was given a small aerial drone to use to transmit signals over geologic obstacles in the event the satellite link fails. I also thought it was important that he be protected by body armor as his role is an important one and he is frequently in the danger zone.

Photos taken by Oreobuilder

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