The head is from Broken Arrow Toys. The torso is from a 2009 5-pack Snake Eyes. The legs are Ninja-Ku Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes V3. The webgear is custom made from a ton of various parts, mostly a Rescue Mission Snake Eyes and Pyramid of Darkness Snake Eyes belt.

I always liked the card art of the Valor Vs Venom Snake Eyes, but the figure looked nothing like it. I wanted a modern version so I made this one. I sculpted on the collar, shirt straps, and wrist wraps with green stuff. Originally I used dyed forearms from a 2009 5 pack Storm Shadow, but they were to skinny, so I sculpted the wrist wraps on to the 25th anniversary Snake Eyes lower arms. The webgear was the trickiest part to make, but it is very close to the original Valor Vs Venom figure's sculpt.

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