Head: Sludge-Viper Cast
Upper torso: Accelerator Suit Duke?
Upper arms: Reactive Armor Heavy Duty
Lower arms: Marvel Comics- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Hands: Resolute Roadblock
Lower torso, legs to boots: Star Wars- Super Battle Droid
Boots: Star Wars- Galactic Marine
Gunbelt: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Push mold pouch from ROC Ice Viper


The Buzzard Drone appeared in the MASK DIC cartoon as the robot pilot of the Buzzard. Technically, Kenner made this character as a figure... kind of. The Buzzard racing vehicle is the drone figure, as the drone's head is in the center of the vehicle- much like the way that the early Kenner X-Wing Fighters had molded/unremovable R2D2's in the back. In the cartoon, we never see the drone's entire body, but its upper body looks much like a knight's armor with a robot head. Here, as a "Now a Joe" custom, the Buzzard Drone is treated as a next generation B.A.T. decked out for Miles and Maximus Mayhem on their missions.

The Buzzard Drone wore gloves in the cartoon (at least in the closeup shots), so this figure features gloves instead of robotic hands. The recipe is otherwise a mixture of semi-streamlined robot/armor parts, plus clunky boots like those often seen on B.A.T.'s.

Colors & Paint:

The cartoon featured the Venom Drone in dark grey. However, most of the source parts here were either charcoal or black, so I used bright silver as the main color to better disguise them. The boots are silver to further alter the looks of the Super Battle Droid legs.

Sculpting & Modifying:

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