Base Figure was a Marvel U. Wolverine, but one with the bad movie hinged hips. I modded the waist to accept a Joe T-Bar, and modded the thighs to fit it.

Masked head is MU

Unmasked is an anime gashapon Logan head.

Wolverine's involvement with the EXCAL organization came near the end of the MEDUSA Wars, but his presence on the international scene pre-existed EXCAL by a wide margin. It is a subject of much debate as to just how wide that margin is.

It is known that both Snake Eyes and Batman have known Logan in the past, most likely via their respective various ninja clan affiliations. A source for the debate is that by all accounts Logan seems to have not aged a day since those prior encounters years ago. In fact, those close to the Silent Master believe that Snake Eyes was a child when he first met Logan, via the Arishakage, but that Logan was even back then an adult, with close ties to the clan leadership.

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